Purchasing Certifications

Certification is the recognition that a professional has reached a certain level of competence, knowledge, proficiency and experience within a particular field. Purchasing certification is usually obtained by passing a battery of tests, meeting the minimum requirements of education and experience. Within the Purchasing profession, there are a number of certifications offered by organizations.

American Purchasing Society offers three certifications:
Certified Purchasing Professional, CPP
Certified Professional Purchasing Manager, CPPM
Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant, CPPC
Institute for Supply Management (ISM, formerly NAPM) also has a couple of certifications:
Certified Purchasing Manager, C.P. M. (no longer offered to new applicants)
Certified Professional in Supply Management, CPSM
Certified Professional in Supply Diversity, CPSD
Universal Public Procurement Certification Council
Certified Professional Public Buyer, CPPB
Certified Professional Public Officer, CPPO
National Contract Management Association offers three certifications:
Certified Federal Contracts Manager, CFCM
Certified Commercial Contracts Manager, CCCM
Certified Professional Contracts Manager, CPCM

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