Fundamentals of Purchasing
Applied Purchasing Techniques

"AMAZING" says it all.
"This seminar was amazing! I feel so much more empowered and cannot wait to move forward in my role as a buyer. Mary is an amazing instructor." - AT, Oceaneering.
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Nahabit & Associates, Inc. has been providing purchasing seminars to the purchasing community since 1981. These two seminars Fundamentals of Purchasing and Applied Purchasing Techniques meet a great need within the industry. They are always offered back to back in two consecutive days as many of our customers find it convenient to pick one or the other, or as most do, pick both.

Each of these two seminars are approved for 4 points toward the American Purchasing Society's Certified Purchasing Professional, CPP, award.

FUNDAMENTALS OF PURCHASING - This one-day seminar is designed for more than the beginning buyer. The very first major lesson that is offered is the buyer is an INVESTMENT MANAGER for the firm, investing the company's hard assets; i.e., money, people and time. Our principal instructor is the very popular Ms. Mary L. Farrar, C.P.M., CPP. Mary's real talent is teaching. She has nearly two decades of professional procurement and materials management experience in both private industry and government procurement. Ms. Farrar is one of a select group of purchasing practitioners promoting purchasing excellence as an instructor for Nahabit & Associates, Inc. This seminar covers topics such as Purchasing's responsibilities & importance, the Buyer as an Agent, Standard Practices, Commercial Law, Contracts, Quality, Supplier Selection, Ethics, Transportation, and Self-Development.

APPLIED PURCHASING TECHNIQUES - The second day (also a one-day seminar) of our two-day sequence is designed to follow the above seminar or to stand alone (as each individual may need). The seminar's objective is to show how to apply purchasing techniques to everyday practice of professional purchasing. Topics covered include Value Analysis, Price & Cost (what is the difference?), Internal Costs of a P.O., how to Reduce Internal Costs, Inventory Management, Reverse Auctions, Quality Assurance, Productive Short Cuts & Time Savers, Negotiation, Legal Aspects, Sarbanes-Oxley, and How to Get the most out of your Salesperson. Principal instructor, Ms. Mary L. Farrar, C.P.M. has an easygoing, entertaining, down-to-earth method of explaining purchasing techniques in a manner practicing buyers appreciate.

You will learn what is the purchasers' primary responsibility. Amazingly, most people are surprised by this. Learn the limits of your authority. You will learn what tools are available to the purchaser and the skills on how to use them most effectively. Learn to avoid the most common and expensive errors committed by far too many unaware buyers. You will also receive solid and practical advice on how to shop the market for the lowest overall cost (not price), while still finding the best available sources of goods and services.

You will learn how to properly compare competitive bids, calculate the total cost, and calculate the cost of processing your own purchase orders. BRING A CALCULATOR. Learn the importance and cost of quality.


This seminar will examine the essential elements of the purchasing process. Our students learn the most important elements of the purchasing function and what are their real job responsibilities. Learn techniques to avoid common mistakes. You will see procurement theory come alive through practical examples and exercises.

Outline - Day 1

This seminar will build on the knowledge and enhance the skills developed in the "Fundamentals" seminar. You will see and experience various PURCHASING TECHNIQUES and then put them into practice. Each technique will be clearly illustrated with relevant real-world examples.

Outline - Day 2
A WORD ABOUT OUR MANUALS - Each seminar has its own manual and has three things in common: 1) Easy to follow RELEVANT printed material, 2) The most complete and easy to understand GLOSSARY of applicable terms available to the industrial buyer, all spelled out in a clear, non-technical manner. 3) An APPENDIX containing related, useful information of interest to the professional purchaser. Most of our students would agree that the manuals alone (which are not for sale) are worth the price of the seminar.

No matter what the title, each Buyer, or Purchasing Agent, is acting as an "Investment Manager" for their respective firms, investing millions of dollars per year. The skill and knowledge of these "Investment Managers" strongly influence the firm's productivity and profitability. Enlightened managements realize the importance of the Purchasing function and seek the most skilled and trained purchasing personnel available. Furthermore, they provide their Investment Managers continuing education to keep them razor sharp for today's ever changing business environment.

These two seminars, Fundamentals of Purchasing and Applied Purchasing Techniques, provide what Buyers need, in plain English.

Many firms, using our teaching and techniques, have reduced material costs ten, twenty and even thirty percent while improving quality and on-time deliveries.

Both of these seminars are recognized by and registered with the INSTITUTE for SUPPLY MANAGEMENT and THE AMERICAN PURCHASING SOCIETY for points toward their respective certification programs.

Each seminar includes seminar manual, glossary of key purchasing terms, certificate of completion suitable for framing, lunch, and points toward certification.

REGISTER EARLY & SAVE MONEY - If we receive your registration (with payment in full) at least two weeks prior to the seminar(s), you are entitled to a $50/person discount.

YES - WE ARE AVAILABLE FOR IN-PLANT PRESENTATIONS. For more information call (512) 349-7977.

The very popular Mary L. Farrar, C.P.M., CPP is our primary instructor for these two seminars.

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