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Global Supply Management - International Purchasing

Reduce your material cost with these two seminars!

1st Day: Global Tool Kit
2nd Day: Global Sourcing

Learn how to select, engage and manage the best suppliers in the world. The best suppliers for YOUR FIRM may not be all that obvious. The global economy is here and here to stay. You must elect to either take part in it or not. If you elect to take part, these two seminars are for you.

Manufacturers have customers and competitors in all parts of the world. The winners are those which are competitive on a worldwide basis. These successful companies recognize that they cannot limit their supply base to only domestic suppliers, but must find and use the best suppliers in the world to maintain and increase market share.

Purchasing departments face the challenge of both developing and managing this worldwide supply base. This seminar is specifically designed for those that face this challenge, yet may be unfamiliar with international law, business practices, foreign exchange rates, cultural boundaries, customs, and/or common communication channels.

First and foremost, learn how to select, engage and manage the best suppliers in the world.
You will learn the skills needed to avoid the two most common and expensive errors committed by far too many unaware buyers. You will also receive solid and practical advice on how to shop the world for the lowest overall cost, yet the best available sources of goods.

Many firms, using these techniques, have reduced material costs on an average of 20%. Even greater savings are possible with proper application and management of our Global Supply Management techniques.

This seminar is the only face-to-face seminar offered by the master of International Purchasing, Dick Locke, C.P.M., MBA, and the author of Global Supply Management: A Guide to International Purchasing. This seminar is only being offered once or twice a year, as Mr. Locke plans to retire from the public seminar scene.

Try this - go to Google and do a search for International Purchasing Seminars. See who comes up number one amoung the non-sponsored (non-paid advertisments).

Decision makers from companies who want to take advantage of the Global Market and make (or are planning to make) significant purchases, including: Material Managers, Purchasing Managers, Buyers of all levels, Finance Managers, Design Engineers. This course concentrates on the differences between foreign and domestic customary buying practices. Common domestic procedures are assumed.


Please see the First and Second Day Course Outlines.

Please register early as enrollment is limited.

Our International Purchasing seminars are presented by Dick Locke of the Global Procurement Group.

Certified Purchasing Manager and Certified Purchasing Professional.

This seminar is recognized by and registered with the INSTITUTE for SUPPLY MANAGEMENT (ISM) and THE AMERICAN PURCHASING SOCIETY for points toward their respective certification programs.

Each seminar includes coffee, tea and pastries, luncheon, certificate, seminar reference manual, and glossary will be provided to each attending seminar student and Eight, 8 CEH points.

The seminar begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.

All of our seminars are available for In-Plant Presentations. For more information or a formal proposal, please call us (512) 349-7977.


REGISTER EARLY & SAVE MONEY - If we receive your registration fee at least two weeks prior to the seminar, receive a DISCOUNT of $50/person.

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