Ethics Management

A Study of Ethical Dilemmas

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"This was, by far, one of the Best Active Teaching Instructors" that I have experienced. Mary sharing "real life history experiences" in the same field is a far better way to teach. I thoroughly understood and enjoyed all the material taught. Thanks & 'Kudos." - J.G. of Trelleborg Engineered Systems.

"I really think every employee should be sent to this course/seminar. I am sure they would learn a thing or two and be much better Buyers." - I.A. of PDVSA Services

"An Excellent Seminar for In-House presentation!" - J.M. of American Designs

As a business representative of your organization, you have influence over daily business decisions. Whether you are responsible for purchasing decisions, selling price, or terms of a contract, your decisions will reflect upon you personally as well as your organization.

You must be constantly aware of the temptations presented to you (whether overtly or covertly), and rise above them. If you want to be a success in business (and in life), your business behavior must be above reproach and suspicion. It is a matter of choice, YOUR CHOICE.

No doubt, your company has an Ethics Policy to which you are to be held responsible. But, we believe that any company which simply has an Ethics Policy in a file somewhere, and asks its employees to review and sign it once a year, is remiss in their real responsibilities.

Learn the four basic elements that must be in place at any organization to make your Ethics Policy not only meaningful, but also enforceable. Most companies fall flat in this area. Don't wait - and find out too late! The good news is that we are here to help.

Our Ethics Seminar is not only informative, but it is also presented in a lighthearted manner, making it interesting and memorable. We have designed it to be easily customized to fit your own firm's Ethics Policy. Our seminar includes more than 10 provocative scenarios, each of which is a true learning experience.

Although this seminar is designed to meet the needs of the purchasing staff, many of our clients have also found it to be very valuable to others, such as sales, inspection, quality, marketing, facilities, maintenance, administration, human resources, material, manufacturing, engineering or anyone that comes in contact with either your suppliers, customers or other employees.

The seminar objective is to show the student why it is important to act in an ethical manner. Important not only to the firm they represent, but to their own personal life. We discuss the differences and commonalties of ethics, morals, the company's policies, and what is legal (or illegal) . Both the benefits and consequences of personal actions are discussed.

There are two backbones to our seminar: ISM's Principles and Standards of Purchasing Practice, and Good Solid Common Sense coming from the practical experience of our team (having more than 100 years of combined purchasing experience) that helped us assemble the contents of our presentation. Very practical info!


This seminar is recognized by and registered with the INSTITUTE for SUPPLY MANAGEMENT (ISM) and THE AMERICAN PURCHASING SOCIETY for points toward their respective certification programs.

Each seminar includes coffee, tea and pastries, luncheon, certificate, and Eight (8) CEH points.. A seminar reference manual, and glossary will be provided to each attending seminar student.

The seminar begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.

All of our seminars are available for In-Plant Presentations. For more information or a formal proposal, please call us (512) 349-7977.


REGISTER EARLY & SAVE MONEY - If we receive your registration fee at least two weeks prior to the seminar, receive a DISCOUNT of $50/person.

TESTIMONIAL - A recent attendee said the following about this seminar "While I have had company based Ethics training in the past, this seminar brought to light many examples of situations and made how to handle them much clearer." Click here to find out what others have to say about this seminar.

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This seminar is very suitable for In-House Presentations. For more information call (512) 349-7977.

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